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Everyone comes together when it's a Little League night. In small towns, you can often find almost the entire population at the ballpark. Little League is an exciting time for the kids and their families, and it's a bonding experience. As a community event, there is something for everyone, whether you're batting, calling balls and strikes, coaching, making hot dogs, or sipping a drink and catching the action. So what is the best way to fund your season? Only the best youth fundraising ideas of course! There are all types of things you can do to raise money. However, not all youth baseball fundraising ideas are created equal. Below are some of the best youth baseball fundraisers that have been proven to work for baseball teams all over the country.

When it came to youth and little league fundraisers, the discount card fundraiser was huge hit with everyone from the kids, parents and coaches to all the supporters that purchased cards. Kids had no problem selling them and supporters had no problem buying them. And what made the discount card fundraiser skyrocket to the top was not only were they loved by all, but they brought in the best profit as well - a clear sweep. Make sure when looking into a discount card fundraiser, that you find a high quality provide (*no minimum order or upfront costs*) that has great discounts all over the country and not just a few discounts on the back of the cards. Do your research!


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