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Baseball is one of the most historic sports in the entire country, and this includes high school baseball as well. There is nothing like being in the stands or in the dugouts and watching players hit home runs and lead their teams to victory. It is even more exciting when one of those players is your child or if you are a part of the team as a coach, assistant or the all important volunteer. One thing that these high school teams have to worry about each year is how to come up with good high school baseball fundraising ideas to fund their season. Ultimately, they would like to do things that are easy and fun, and are profitable enough to help them pay for baseball equipment, trips to other areas and many other important things that make a high school baseball season complete.

High school baseball teams had the most consistent success by selling great quality fundraising cards for their fundraising campaign. Most of the kids even bought one themselves to use around the city or other states when they went on vacation. You know it's going to be a grand slam when the kids are excited to purchase the product they are selling. Something the coaches couldn't stress enough, is the fact that you need to go with a good provider. Not only do the fundraising cards need to have good discounts, but they need to have a lot of discounts. The amount of discounts will determine the amount of people you are able to sell to. Do your research, the more discounts, the better. Also, look for no upfront costs or minimum order campaigns on our top 5 fundraisers backed and supported by coaches and parents.


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